Mercatus+ is an award-winning, top ranking, full-service international branding practice. We work with brand owners and custodians, to provide complete brand engineering solutions to enable them to research, create, protect, develop, manage, audit and exploit the full potential of their brands. Completely brand focused, we provide effective and proven systems, tools and methodology for developing brand success.

Founded and headquartered in London in 1992 as MSM, it changed its name to Brand Mercatus® in 2003 to reflect its role as a specialist branding consultancy. The company then expanded its brands and divisions through the years, known collectively as The Mercatus® Group. Our brand strategists, brand directors, brand managers and brand consultants work with some of the world’s greatest brands on four continents. The Mercatus® Group celebrated 25 years of being in the business of branding in 2017.

As a dedicated branding practice, Mercatus® brings together a group of seasoned professionals, all experts in their areas of specialisation. Our team is comprised of a unique group which includes Brand Strategists, Directors and Managers; Intellectual Property Advisors; Commercial Advisors; and Print, Media, Marketing, Design, Communication, PR, IR, Events and Reputation Professionals.

Mercatus® is the Latin word for market, trade, business, commerce or place of business, and is the root for English words such as market, marketing, merchant, merchandise and mercantile.

“Mercatus” is a registered trademark.